Dinner Rest and Relax (Island Cookout menu)

Dinner Rest & Relax

Enjoy a restful and relaxing dinner aboard our boat. We feature elegant cuisine grilled fresh right on the islands. Rest, Relax and enjoy fine dining aboard our boat while capturing a stunning sunset. Have a romantic dinner getaway or simply rest and relax and enjoy great food and a gorgeous view!

Complimentary Beverages

Teryaki Honey Glazed Chicken

Our own fresh chicken thighs marinated in our island sauce. Teryaki, brown sugar and ginger that is honey glazed on the grill.


Bar -B-Que chicken

Our fresh island seasoned chicken thighs that we we bar-b-que on the grill.


Fresh Pulled Pork

Our fresh premium pulled pork made with our island bar-b-que sauce. On the bun or not, simply delicious.


Seasoned Smoked Sausages

Smoked and grilled on the charcoal grill served fresh with your favorite fixings.


Island Slaw

Our own recipe slaw made fresh right before the cruise. Pineapple and other goody’s make it an original.


Potato Salad

Made with all the great ingredients.


We can offer other items or more items to the menu with proper notice and possible additional charges.

Keep in mind you may bring whatever you want.


 We are always updating our destination list adding some of the best restaurants available on the water. Fine dining on the boat or on shore all an adventure in it’s self.Order off their menu ala carte. Turn a River adventure into something special.