My Warriors Place…

  • My Warriors Place, is a place of gathering, where healing can begin, immediately after the battlefield.
  • My Warriors Place was started by Kelly Kowall, whose son Corey like many others gave his life for our continued freedom.
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Quality Inn

  • Quality Inn is the place to stay in New Port Richey when you need a hotel.
  • Nearly 5,000 square feet of banquet space & onsite catering for special events.
  • Heated Pool & Hot Tub.
  • Newly Renovated.
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Crab Shack

  • Ice cold draft or bottled beer and wine
  • Wide selection of food to satisfy even the largest appetite
  • Kids’ Menu
  • Friendly Staff
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Rum River Bar & Grill…

  • Opened in October 2009 Rum River is located on the banks of the beautiful Cotee River in New Port Richey, FL.
  • Rum River features live music, happy hour drink specials and a broad menu that is sure to meet the taste buds of everyone in your group.
  • Don’t forget to stop by to take in one of our breathtaking sunsets!
  • Rum River always has the freshest seafood from local fisherman as well as steaks, salads, burgers, and more.
  • It’s all about great food and fun!
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Robert Crown Wilderness area…

  • Was incorporated on Nov. 6 1988 owned by Florida dept. environmental protection.
  • Designated bird sanctuary home to near 50 species.
  • Many more stop during migration.

Robert K. Rees County Park…

  • 45 acres including Deer Island which is mostly mangroves and wetlands
  • 650′ boardwalk on the north side and a 2 deck observation deck
  • Named after a county commissioner of the late 60’s early 70’s kept out developers
  • 1971 truckloads of sand where brought in to make the beach
  • Several picnic tables, a playground and a shower
  • 1st developed in late 20’s by Cora & Gib Brown built his own phone line
  • They built a new block house in the 40’s which still stands
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Durney Key Stilt houses…

  • Stilt houses where built as fishing camps starting in 1902
  • Fishermen poling there boats would have a place to rest & seek shelter
  • Bill Baillie or James Clark built the first house
  • Their were 24 stilt homes when hurricane Gladys destroyed 11 homes
  • The government will not allow more than 14 homes to be rebuilt after
  • There were 13 homes in 1986,  ½ taken out by no name storm in 93
  • Johnny Cash brought Billy Graham to visit Des Littles house during the 70’s
  • The property is still state leased after a 1999 extension
  • They are destined to be tore down in 2016 unless they can get another extension
  • They are not allowed to rebuild if severely damaged
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Florida State Parks Service

  • All the islands are part of the Florida State Park system.
  • Our Magic Dolphin is contracted to carry passengers to the park.
  • The North Anclote Keys are uninhabited and only accessible by boat.
  • Have a romantic dinner getaway or simply rest and relax and enjoy the island and a gorgeous views!
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Anclote Key state park (Spanish for anchor)

  • Island was formed over a 1000 years ago and weather and currents reshape it
  • Grover Cleveland declared a lighthouse reservation in 1886
  • 188 acre park home to 43 species of birds including Bald Eagles
  • Lighthouse was built on Sept 15 1887 and refurbished in early 1990’s stands 101′
  • Grover Cleveland declared a lighthouse reservation in 1886
  • Surveyors have proven 30% growth of island since 1957
  • The “Angel of Mercy” was decommissioned in 1984
  • Gulf Islands Alliance has had it relit this April 2010
  • There is a new lighthouse keeper Connie Wiesehan
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Cotee River…

  • First residents of Pasco County were the Timucuan Indians during the 1200’s according to the burial grounds and artifacts that are found along the river.
  • Around 1750 Indians of the Southeast settled in the region and were known as Seminoles.  French settlers from the east coast had good relations.
  • Spanish sold Florida to the U.S. in 1819, had a hard time with the Seminoles.
  • Florida became a state in 1845 pioneer life was harsh on the river due to heat, mosquitoes & yellow fever.
  • In 1883 Capt Richey resided on the south end of the river and operated a mail service to Anclote river and a cargo service from Anclote to Cedar Key making this an important port. Originally called Hopeville than later changed.
  • The later end of March one of the largest festivals in Tampa Bay area is the Chasco Fiesta. An 11 day event of art shows, live music, boat and main street parades and of course parties. The first one took place in 1922.
  • Port Richey was incorporated in 1925 and new Port Richey in 1924.
  • Thomas Meighan built his house on the river in 1927 and the world famous Hacienda Hotel opened. Meighan also built a theatre at that time.
  • Known as little Hollywood by many film stars who visited the Hacienda.
  • The Hacienda was visited frequently by residents from all over the bay area.
  • From the late twenties through not so distant past the communities have been visited by several Hollywood types such as: Gloria Swanson, Esther Williams, John Wayne, Erol Flynn, Billy Graham while studying bible classes in Tampa. Many others.
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Anclote River…

  • The little village of Anclote dates back to 1545 habited by Timucuan Indians and visited by pirates such as Cook, Gaspar and Kidd because of a sweet water well there.
  • Settlers started developing Tarpon springs in the 1870’s named after the abundant fish.
  • The closest food store was a log cabin 20 mi to the south now Clearwater
  • In 1887 the town of Tarpon Springs became inc. The first in Pinellas. The railroad came and Greek sponging group which 90% were British.
  • Safford became the most prominent citizens, building a school, donating land to churches and his sister became the first female physicians in Florida.
  • In the 1900’s the sponge industry shifted from Key West, Cuba & Bahamas to Tarpon making it the largest Sponge ports in the U.S.
  • It was then that Greek immigrants perfected the harvesting of sponges.
  • John Corcoris developed the first mechanized sponge harvesting boat in 1905.
  • The sponge exchange as created in 1908.
  • Today it is a 2 million dollar industry
  • Tarpon Springs High School was built in1912.
  • City Hall was built in 1915.
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Wilmslow state park and Ritter point

  • Cow Key to the north