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Call 727-807-6955, contact your event coordinator or email to Book Your Island Paradise Cruise.

To find out about upcoming open charters you can click on our calendar .These dates are available for you and a friend to cruise with another group if you do not have a group. We will update you on all of our upcoming open charters where just you can ride along on an adventure at regular price with another group. Book an open charter only 15 people required and private charters require 20 passengers at adult prices.

Make Payment on Confirmed Reservation

After you’ve called Captain Bob and confirmed your charter with us we will email you an invoice. Please do not make payment until you have verbally confirmed with Capt. Bob. Private charters and large groups require deposits of $200. No refunds on prepay or deposits unless the charter is cancelled by Capt. Bob. Cancellations can be due to:weather conditions at Capt. Bob’s discretion, mechanical failure. No refunds due to cancellations resulting from Illegal or illicit activities including drugs and contraband. Refunds are subject to a 5% merchant fee. Payments are made using Paypal by credit or debit. Thank you!

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